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Welcome to primesoctechnologies. We are a fast growing company with wide expertise in the field of Storage,networking,sensor,displays,servers and much more.We create first pass silicon digital controller IPs and we provide early to market solutions, which includes Digital controller + Partner's PHY + Firmware.Our other services include providing Evaluation boards,FPGA IPs,developing unique, properiatary IPs for our customers.


PCIE Gen5/4/3 Dual mode/Host/Device

To handle the ever-growing requirement of high transfer of data, PCIE protocol is widely used and now with Gen6 datarates @64GT/s per lane having FLIT based transfers,Gen5 datarates @32GT/S per lane is available for end-users, which will reduce the number of serial interfaces required and at the same time would provide reliable data transfer across. Being widely adopted across globe, PCIE now extends its support to have other protocols also get transferred by leveraging the layers of it. We at primesoc, being certified by PCI SIG for Gen3 cores, offers World’s first PCIE Gen6 digital controller cores and have PCIE Gen6/Gen5/Gen4/Gen3 digital controller IP core, being PHY agnostic and earlier versions of PCIE as immediate deliverable. PCIE Gen5/4/3 cores are dual mode cores and can be configured to work as Endpoint or Root complex. We also offer VIPs and compliance Test suites for PCIE Gen6/Gen5/Gen4/Gen3 For further details on PCIE Gen6/Gen5/Gen4/Gen3 EP/RC digital controller cores:

CXL(Compute Express Link) Dual mode/Host/Device

CXL is high bandwidth, low latency interconnect lies between host processor and memory devices/accelerators or other network interface cards. Todays computing requires high bandwidth and computational workloads being transferred from host to device and vice versa. These computational workloads can be handled with ease by having CXL implemented along with the PCIE Gen5, which offers a high bandwidth interface for transferring data.CXL leverages various layers of PCIE protocol and utilises the alternate protocol negotiation to have CXL transfers handled. Primesoc offers CXL dual mode digital controller IP cores, which can be configured to work as CXL host or as CXL device. Primesoc also offer VIPs and compliance Test suites for CXL. For further details on CXL Dual mode, host, device digital controller cores: contact:


Serial Interconnect and a revolutionary replacement for I2C. I3C is expected to be used in most of the future products and various applications.With serial two wire communications, I3C provides high preformance and various mode supports like SDR,HDR-DDR,HDR-TSL/P. Primesoc provides digital controller IPs for ASIC or FPGA testability.


All high speed interconnect circuits required AXI interconnect to talk to processor system. Primesoc offers configuration Read and Write DMA channels with 2^16 buffer descriptors supporting scatter gather operations, and AXI 512b connectivity.
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